The DIY Movement in Art, Music and Publishing: Subjugated Knowledges

A new book by Sarah Lowndes, which captures the specific knowledge of 30 DIY creative practitioners based in 14 creative cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, New York, London, Manchester, Cologne, Washington DC, Detroit, Berlin, Glasgow, Olympia, Moscow and Istanbul) including Jörn Bötnagel and Yvonne Quirmbach (BQ, Berlin), Dirk Bell (Berlin), Keith McIvor (Glasgow), Pavel Büchler (Manchester), Good Press (Glasgow), Franz König (Cologne), Alexandra Bircken (Cologne), Vasif Kortun (Istanbul), Nicholas Moore (Moscow), Evgenia Barinova (Moscow), Ealan Wingate (New York), Max Schumann (New York), Simone DeSousa (Detroit), Greg Baise (Detroit), V. Vale (San Francisco), Tom Lawson and Susan Morgan (Los Angeles), Andreas Reihse (Berlin), Chris Johanson (Los Angeles) and Louise Shelley (London).  The DIY Movement reflects upon contemporary DIY practices, in particular considering how the DIY movement has been impacted by the rise of digital and internet technology and globalized culture.

Good Press at The Glasgow Weekend (Berlin, 2013)
Good Press at The Glasgow Weekend (Berlin, 2013)

Published by Routledge in their Research in Cultural and Media Studies series in May 2016.

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